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These photos each link to a page of birth photos. All of the pages contain graphic birth images. It is such a gift for these women to share their very private experiences with the world. Please honor that, and treat these images with respect. Please do not copy them or use them in any way without my first asking the permission of the mothers. I was the midwife at these births, and it is my custom to bring flowers to use in an herbal celebration bath afterwards. That is the explanation for the flowers in the pictures. When you get to the page of birth photos be sure to click on the thumbnail images because in many cases the photos have been cropped quite a bit.

Anna's Baby Lyric

These are some really good pictures of a very normal birth in an almost fully reclined position. The mom chose to birth this way. This birth is a good example of how the yoni stretches without tearing or the need to cut. The father of the baby is black which accounts for the purplish coloring. This is Anna's third baby, all were born at home with me. The man with her in the photos is her father.

  Nicole's Baby Ben

This is a birth in a kneeling position. Many moms choose to birth this way or on hands and knees. Notice the little girl in my lap. This is Samantha, Nicole's daughter who was born at home after a difficult breech delivery and was slow to start breathing. It was so nice to hold her while she witnessed the much easier birth of her brother. She was delighted and even brought him a book to read right after the birth.


Born in the Caul

These are some great pictures of a baby born with out the 'water' breaking. This is a very private family and I am especially honored to be permitted to use these pictures.


Rebecca and Julius
Rebecca and Tim
Rebecca's Baby Julius

Rebecca's first baby was born before we formally met! She had decided in her last month to birth at home but her labor started before our first meeting. When I arrived she was just starting to push. I brought my teenage daughter along to help. Notice how the baby looks at the moment of birth, before he takes his first breath. For the record, Rebecca does not recommend a landscaping pond for a birth tub!


Rebecca's Baby Journey

Her next pregnancy was done the regular way, with prenatals and plenty of time together first! At one point during the labor she wanted us out of her small house and made my apprentice and I stand on the porch for half an hour. Then she said we could come in and she got in the tub and pushed her baby out. She was amazingly controlled and calm during this birth. Compare her face in the two births. The birth tub is my horse trough with the plastic liner.