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  Homebirth Preparation Information for Our Clients      
  Join the Yahoo group This group is closed to all but our clients, but we really want our moms to join. Meet other moms, ask and answer questions, and share your birth story.  
  Join the Birthing Way Families Group on Facebook This is open to the public  
Eating well is the most important thing you can do for your baby
  Nutrition Guide follow this the best you can for optimum health
  Diet Diary Worksheet
  Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Take a good quality natural prenatal vitamin. Use this Comparison of Prenatal Vitamins to before making your choice.
  Other Herbs and Supplements We keep most of the herbs commonly used in pregnancy at the office. Here is a list of what we have, and prices. Vitacost.com is also a good source for discounted supplements
  Raspberry Leaf You can get the tincture from us or buy the herb at a local health food store or online at Mountain Rose Herbs
Gathering Supplies
We will provide you with a birth kit before your home visit. This kit includes sterile gloves, non sterile gloves, underpads, bulb syringe, a peri bottle, gauze pads, homeopathic arnica, lavender essential oil, cord band, newborn hat, sample of lansinoh cream, Emergen-C packets, pair of mesh panties, and menstrual pads in a canvas tote bag. (Sitz bath herbs are provided as needed as are other herbs, homeopathy, essential oils and supplies)
You will need to gather the items on the Supply List in your binder. You may also want:
  Birthing Way Peri Massage Oil: This is an oil I make based on a recipe made for me by my senior midwife who died in 2009. It contains the essential oils lavender, clary sage, Roman chamomile, blue chamomile and jasmine in Jojoba oil. These oils were chosen for their calming, antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory qualities as well as for their beautiful scent. This oil may also be used diluted as a baby oil. It is also available with coconut oil instead of the Jojoba.

You can get this oil at the office for $15.00. You don't have to buy this but must provide oil in a squirt bottle for the birth.
  Economy Fetoscope This is like the one we use at the office. There are some good deals on them on Amazon.com Post Partum Belly Binding: Postpartum Abdominal Binder, Belly Button Boutique, La Leche League, Gabrialla  
Please list your used birth pools, belly binders and fetoscopes for free or for sale on the yahoo group or facebook and help a sister out!
Birthing Way After Pain Tonic After the birth, as your uterus works to return to its pre-pregnant size, there can be pain. Especially with a 2nd baby or more. In order to avoid medications while you are breastfeeding you can have this herbal remedy on hand. It is available at our office for $15.00. See your binder for other remedies.
Childbirth Classes
While it is not required for you to take a childbirth class, we support your doing so. It is a fun way to be prepared for what to expect in your pregnancy, birth and in caring for your baby. The Birthing From Within book is a childbirth method, and classes are available in the area. We recommend the Intuitive Birth class by Baby Steps, as well as their many other classes. Many women have had wonderful results with Hypnobirthing or Hypnobabies.
Intuitive Birth Class ****Hypnobabies**** Birthing From Within
Other Links and Information
Choosing your tub and resources for purchasing or renting
Birth Certificate
Call the number listed for your county to
find where to apply
Giving Way Ceremony
This is a ceremony we offer as a gift to our clients