Born in the Caul
It is said to be a special blessing to be born in the caul. This means that the amniotic sac doesn't break during the birth and the head is born still covered in the membrane or 'veil'. It doesn't happen very often even in natural births. It almost never happens in the hospital because the 'water' is so often broken artificially. Some say that a child born this way may have special intuitive powers, be destined to be a midwife, have extraordinary luck or never die by drowning. In any case, these are some amazing pictures. From the birth to baby in mom's arms is less than one minute. Click on the thumbnails for larger and less cropped images.




The head begins to emerge with mom kneeling
The tight bag doesn't seem like it will break
Gentle support on the perineum
The head is born
Notice the white vernix floating
cord is around neck but in the sac (of course)
Baby is turning
see the cord around the neck
baby gently emerges
membranes have now broken
You can see the edge in the enlarged photo
midwife starts to remove veil...
no, let Daddy do it
take a breath little baby
the rest comes off, unwrap cord
and between the legs to mommy
Gazing into mommy's eyes about two minutes old