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  The Safety of Homebirth: The Farm Study  
  World Health Organization's Summary of Research on Place of Birth  
  How Safe is That Hospital Anyway?  
  Home Versus Hospital Deliveries: Follow up Study of Matched Pairs for Procedures and Outcome (BMJ)  
  The Homebirth Choice  
  Homebirth is Where the Heart Is  
  Mothering Magazine's: Not the Kind of House for a Homebirth  
  Mothering Magazine's: There's No Place Like Home  
  Pregnant in America film trailer (several ways to view)  
Pregnancy and Birth
  Pregnancy Week By Week, Birth Club and More  
  Pregnancy Weekly and Personal Pregnancy Journal  
  Drugging Pregnant Mothers, Followed by Early Infant Umbilical Cord Clamping -- It Seldom, If Ever, Needs to be Done  
  Several Articles on Morning Sickness  
  Treatment for Varicose Veins including Hemorrhoids.doc  
  Breech Turning Techniques.doc  
  Kegel Exercises.doc  
  Herbal Allies For Pregnant Women  
  Article by Henci Goer on the Uselessness of Standard Management of Gestational Diabetes  
  Gestational diabetes: myth or metabolism?  
  Ways to Cope With Labor  
  The Amazing Placenta  
  Prenatal Blood Work  
  Mothering Magazine's:Treating Group B Strep: Are Antibiotics Necessary? Word Document of same article  
  Garlic to Treat GBS  
  Reducing GBS Colonization with Alternative Treatments and GBS Treatment for Homebirth several articles  
  Dangers of Prenatal Ultrasound doc  
  See the Waterbirth page in this web site for articles on waterbirth  
  Newborn Screening for Metabolic and Sickle Cell Disorders Program Frequently asked Questions (PKU test)  
  Let the Baby Decide: The Case Against Inducing Labor  
  Comparison of Prenatal Vitamins doc  
  Dietary Sources of Iron  
  Good Vegan Calcium Sources  
  Not Milk! doc  
  Birthing Way Nutrition Guide doc  
  What Not to Eat in Pregnancy  
  Importance of Water in Pregnancy  
  Sensuous Food for the Mother-to-be  
  Unhappy Meals New York Times Article  
Caring for Babies
  Physical Assessment of the Newborn  
  Articles on Using Cloth Diapers, choosing between cloth and disposable, tips on cleaning cloth diapers and sources for diapers.  
  Diapering How To: Washing Cloth Diapers is Easy  
  Attachment Parenting doc  
  Circumcision: A Biblical Perspective  
  N.O.C.I.R.C. National Organization of Circumcision Resource Centers. Lots of articles and information on events. Link is for 'articles' page, click on 'home' for more.  
  Colic Release Technique, this site shows you how to release the ileo caecal valve  
  Homeopathy for Colic, beyond Hylands tablets  
  Infant Massage  
Breastfeeding "The #1 site for breastfeeding information, support and attitude!" There are lot's of mini videos on breastfeeding including 'how-to's'. Great site.  
  Breastfeeding: Starting Out Right  
  Colic in the Breastfed Baby  
  Sore Nipples  
  Breastmilk: A World Resource  
  Don't Trash Our Bodies: Researching Breastmilk Toxins  
LLL: Toll free 24hour breastfeeding help line
1-877-4 LALECHE (1-877-452-5324)
Mothering (or Parenting)
  Immunization Waiver for School doc  
  Mothering: The Magazine for Natural Family Living This is the online version of the magizine. There is lots of information and an online chat forum.  
  The Family Bed  
  How The World Celebrates a Girl's Passage into Womanhood